ARCHIVED: About the Minitab and SigmaPlot licensing retirement at IU

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The UITS Research Analytics team discontinued its licensing and distribution of Minitab and SigmaPlot on July 1, 2018. Research Analytics continues to provide support and consultation on the use of Minitab and SigmaPlot at IU, but it no longer makes licenses available to IU students, faculty, or staff.

To continue using Minitab or SigmaPlot at IU, you must purchase a license through the software vendor:

Alternatively, you can transition to one of the other statistical analysis packages that the Research Analytics team licenses, distributes, and supports:

  • Statistical packages that are available from Research Analytics include SPSS, SAS, and SAS JMP (SPSS and SAS JMP have user interfaces similar to Minitab). Research Analytics also provides support and consultation for R users at IU.
  • Packages with plotting capabilities that are supported by Research Analytics include MATLAB, R, and Python.

Research Analytics also can help you migrate your class materials and research workflows to any of the statistical analysis packages it supports. If you are interested in transitioning from Minitab or SigmaPlot to one of these alternative packages, contact the Research Analytics team for assistance.

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