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Individuals who work with institutional data are responsible for ensuring that those data are stored in approved locations. In addition, regulated data such as health information or personally identifiable information are often subject to federal and state laws (for example, HIPAA and FERPA) that require users to apply additional security measures.

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Adobe Creative Cloud has two storage options: Creative Cloud storage and Document Cloud storage.

Creative Cloud storage is appropriate for personal files and creative work. All Adobe Creative Cloud desktop applications and services, including Adobe mobile applications, can access Creative Cloud storage.

Document Cloud is a storage option for Adobe Acrobat and is appropriate for storing personal documents.

Storage capacity

Adobe Creative Cloud accounts have the following data storage capacities:

  • Creative Cloud storage: 100 GB
  • Document Cloud storage: 100 GB

Storage capacities cannot be changed at this time.

Institutional data

Adobe Creative Cloud storage and Document Cloud storage are both approved for institutional data classified as Public or University-internal.

Official classifications for institutional data at IU are defined in the university's Management of Institutional Data policy (DM-01). If you have questions about the classifications of institutional data at IU, see Classification levels of institutional data, use the Data Sharing and Handling (DSH) tool, or contact the appropriate Data Steward. To determine the most sensitive classification of institutional data you can store on any given UITS service, see Choose an appropriate storage solution.

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