At IU, what is the IT Communications Office?

The IT Communications Office (ITCO) provides university-wide communication, across all IU campuses, for the full suite of service and research units that operate under the leadership of the Office of the Vice President for Information Technology (OVPIT).

This includes digital and print communications, websites, podcasts, videos, and events for:

Communicating about IU's advanced IT services and cyberinfrastructure is critical to ensuring the IU community (including students, faculty, researchers, and staff across all IU campuses) is well informed and effectively using IU's IT resources. Likewise, communicating effectively to the national scientific and technical community that supports IU's IT research initiatives is essential to IU's continued success as a leader in IT research.

With that in mind, ITCO promotes and reports on IT@IU for the university community and for local, national, and international audiences in education, research, government, business, and industry. ITCO also provides students, faculty, and staff on every IU campus with important news about IT support, resources, services, security, and more.

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