About IU's educational site license with Esri

Indiana University's educational site license with Environmental Systems Research Institute (Esri), developers of GIS and geodatabase management applications, provides desktop and server software and extensions, data- and web-based training, and an ArcGIS Online academic organization for IU. Many of the products are available for teaching, research, and administrative uses; others are available only for teaching, research, and student learning purposes. None of the products can be used for any profit-making or commercial purpose.

IU's educational site license with Esri stipulates the following rules:

  • Staff can install and use Esri software from UITS only on IU-owned computers (not on personally owned computers).
  • Students can install and use ArcGIS Desktop (available from IUware) and other Esri software on their personally owned computers.
    Esri has announced that ArcGIS Desktop (ArcMap and its associated suite of tools, including ArcGlobe, etc.) will no longer be available through the Education Site License beginning July 1, 2024. This means that all current ArcGIS Desktop (ArcMap) users will need to transition to ArcGIS Pro or ArcGIS Online by June 30, 2024. For further details, see ArcMap Retirement in Education Programs.
  • Faculty can install and use Esri software on both IU-owned and personally owned computers.
  • Staff or faculty who are no longer associated with IU must immediately discontinue use of any Esri software from UITS.
  • All technical support requests to Esri must originate from designated Esri technical support contacts. Esri software users at IU cannot start a technical support incident with Esri directly.

For an overview of the educational site license, including a list of the software provided, see the Esri Educational Site License Program and Esri's Rubric for Permitted Uses (both in PDF format).

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