Get started with Apple device management via Jamf Pro

Before you begin

The Apple device management service has a production environment (CPE) and an identical, but distinct, test environment (CPT).

Departments typically add a few devices to CPT to familiarize themselves with Apple device management. They can later add devices to CPE, leaving a few devices in CPT permanently for application and configuration testing before applying options to their production groups.

Request an Apple endpoint management environment for your department

To request an Apple endpoint management environment, contact Tier 2 and include the required information below. Staff will forward your request to the UITS Endpoint Management Services team.

  • Department name, campus, and client representative
  • Endpoint naming convention: The specific prefix used in Active Directory (AD), the department's organizational unit (OU) name, or the most frequently used department abbreviations (for example, IU-UITS).
  • Console administrators group: The AD group of responsible IT administrators who need full control of the console and the ability to manage your site. Keep the number of users in this group to a minimum.
  • Console technicians group (optional): An AD group that needs limited access to the console. Users will only be able to enroll devices and edit device information in inventory. This group, by default, will not be able to delete items or create, edit, or view any other information (such as policies or profile configurations). Permissions can be customized based on the needs of the department.
  • Build OU (optional): Only needed if you plan to bind clients to AD. This will be the landing area. Permissions on the OU must allow full access for the account "CSBIND".
  • Answer the following questions:
    • What is the primary purpose for using the Apple device management service (for example, operating system and security updates, antivirus protection, application distribution, inventory, reporting)?
    • What previous experience do you have with Jamf Pro or Casper Suite?
    • What is your current antivirus/anti-malware solution?
    • What are your current Apple and third-party software update solutions?
    • How many devices are in your environment, including their types (for example, desktop, laptop, or mobile) and how many do you plan on managing?


  • For complete Jamf Pro product documentation, see Resources: Product Documentation.
    This page contains links to information about other Jamf Pro products. UITS licenses Jamf Pro only; UITS does not license other Jamf products (for example, Jamf Cloud, Jamf Connect, Jamf Protect, Jamf School, or Jamf Now).
  • For local UITS support people with Apple devices managed in a UITS Jamf Pro service, UITS recommends the Jamf Pro Getting Started Guide.
  • For site administrators using the IU Jamf Pro service, UITS recommends the Jamf Pro Administrator's Guide for more in-depth information.


If you are new to Apple device management, the Jamf 100 Course provides an introduction to macOS, iOS, and Jamf Pro.

Get help

If you have questions about the Apple device management service, contact Tier 2, or call them at:

  • IU Bloomington: 812-856-7282
  • IU Indianapolis: 317-278-7282

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