UITS editorial style guide: Microcopy

The information here is part of the UITS Style Guide.

Microcopy is any text that stands apart from the content at large, including:

  • Page titles
  • Page headings (headlines)
  • Taglines
  • Email subjects
  • Summaries, decks
  • Hints, tips, explainers
  • Buttons
  • Loading states/pages
  • Error states/pages

Microcopy can answer questions that arise at unexpected obstacles. It can also set expectations and guide users to the content they need. A helpful login error message, for example, identifies the problem and how to fix it.

Clear, concise microcopy can turn a usable app into a user-friendly one.

The rest of this style guide can also be helpful with these elements. For review of proposed microcopy, send mail to the IT Communications Office (ITCO).

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