UITS editorial style guide: Organizational naming conventions

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Refer to Indiana University (IU) campuses as follows:

  • Indiana University Bloomington, IU Bloomington, IUB
    Use "IUB" sparingly, and only after first spelling out the name.
  • Indiana University East, IU East, IUE
  • Indiana University Kokomo, IU Kokomo, IUK
  • Indiana University Northwest, IU Northwest, IUN
  • Indiana University South Bend, IU South Bend, IUSB
  • Indiana University Southeast, IU Southeast, IUS
  • Indiana University Fort Wayne, IU Fort Wayne, IUFW

Office of the Vice President for Information Technology (OVPIT) units and UITS divisions

To correctly refer to OVPIT units and UITS divisions, see Organizational structure.

UITS media outlets

  • IT.IU: IT@IU website
  • IT News: UITS news website
  • The Monitor: UITS eNewsletter
  • Social media: Facebook (iu.uits), Twitter (@iu_uits), Instagram (iu_uits), YouTube (uitsatiu)


  • UITS units should have "UITS" branding (for example, UITS IT Training).
  • UITS Research Technologies (RT) is a cyberinfrastructure and service center affiliated with the Pervasive Technology Institute at Indiana University.


  • AskIU: General information Q&A service provided by the IU Contact Center
  • EDUCAUSE: Nonprofit association that seeks "to advance higher education through the use of information technology"
  • Empowering People (EP): IU's strategic plan for IT (published 2009)
  • IU Login: Grants access to multiple IU password-protected web systems (often referred to as single sign-on or SSO)
  • IQ-Wall: 24x18 foot wall (10,080 x 4,200 pixels of resolution)
  • IT@IU: All units supporting or developing IT at Indiana University
  • Principal Investigator (PI): Person with primary responsibility for a research and/or grant-funded project
  • SICE: School of Informatics, Computing, and Engineering
  • Science on a Sphere (SoS): Spherical projection system created by NOAA that presents high-resolution video on a suspended globe, with the aim of better representing global and astronomical phenomena

    SoS at the CIB is the world's 97th installation, and the only one in Indiana.

OVPIT and UITS-affiliated centers

  • Center for Applied Cybersecurity Research, CACR
  • Center for Innovative Teaching and Learning, CITL (IU Bloomington)
  • Center for Teaching and Learning, CTL (IUPUI)
  • Data to Insight Center, D2I
  • Global Research Network Operations Center at Indiana University, GlobalNOC
  • Indiana Center for Network Translational Research, InCNTRE
  • Research and Education Networking Information Sharing and Analysis Center, REN-ISAC


  • Cyberinfrastructure Building, CIB
  • Herman B Wells Library (Use full name, and then "Wells Library")
  • Indiana Memorial Union, IMU
  • Informatics & Communications Technology Complex, ICTC
  • Innovation Center, IC
  • IU Data Center

Naming new systems

When naming a new system, choose a descriptive and straightforward name, making sure that the name:

  • Is easy to say and spell
  • Describes the system or product
  • Will work as a URL if needed
  • Is not CaMeLbAcK spelling
  • Doesn't combine multiple words to make a new word (for example, IndiAccessiBook)
  • Isn't already in use

It helps to ask users for feedback before making a decision.

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