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The UITS Research Technologies Scalable Compute Archive (SCA) team builds, delivers, and operates custom web user interfaces, secure data management systems, and integrated scientific software application pipelines supporting astronomy1, neuroscience2, dynamic image visualization3, electron microscopy4, and the IU research supercomputer community5. SCA systems are securely accessible from any web-enabled device at any time. SCA staff are experienced in a variety of technical backgrounds, including computer science, neuroscience, astronomy, informatics, and Linux system administration, and combined have more than 90 years of experience enabling scientific research at IU.

Several SCA projects, including some that are already open source, have openly available published papers; see SCA Publications and SCA Projects.


1 (a) ODI-PPA: (b) GCS-SCA: (c) SpArc: (d) BDBS-SCA:

2 (a) SQAN demo: (b) (c) Connectivity pipeline:

3 ImageX dynamic image visualization:

4 The Electron Microscopy Center (EMC-SCA) (retired from service on March 31, 2019):

5 HPC everywhere

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