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UITS Research Technologies provides targeted training, seminars, workshops, and tours that connect you with the services you need to reach discovery.

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Workshops, trainings, and seminars

Supercomputing for Everyone Series (S4ES)

If the idea of logging in to a supercomputer for the first time is daunting, the Supercomputing for Everyone Series (S4ES may be just what you need.

Available S4ES trainings include:

IU students, faculty, staff also may request that a S4ES training be taught at a time and/or place that is convenient for their school, department, or program; contact UITS Research Technologies.

Peebles Memorial Lectures in Information Technology

The Peebles Memorial Lectures in Information Technology series sponsors one lecture per academic year in areas of information technology relevant to research, teaching, or creative activity in academe.

PTI Seminar series

The Pervasive Technology Institute (PTI) hosts a monthly seminar series highlighting research at IU and the tools that help enable it; for more, see Upcoming Events.

Scientific Visualization Workshop series

The weekly Scientific Visualization Workshop series presents and discusses a variety of topics related to scientific visualization, including principles of perception, and techniques and tools for creating visualizations from scientific datasets.

Participants learn about modern tools for analyzing simulated and observed scientific data. Different types of data are explored, ranging from 3D volumetric scan data to vector fields, molecular simulations, and point clouds.

Methods for visualizing both static and time-varying data also are explored, as are different interface technologies applied to visualization (for example, virtual and augmented reality, and 3D digitization and printing).

Advanced cyberinfrastructure tours

IU's advanced cyberinfrastructure includes high-performance supercomputers, advanced visualization facilities, and high-throughput networking technologies. Tours are available for individuals, classes, or departments. To schedule a tour, contact UITS Research Technologies.



National impact

Each year, UITS Research Technologies collaborates with other IU entities (for example, SICE and GlobalNOC) to display IU computer science, informatics, and cyberinformatics innovations at the annual International Conference for High Performance Computing, Networking, Storage, and Analysis.

Additionally, the PTI hosts a number of national and international conferences at IU, providing the opportunity for IU students, faculty, and staff to attend conferences they might not otherwise by saving them travel costs and time. Attendees can present their research and learn more about particular topics of interest. Hosting conferences also helps strengthen IU's reputation as a national research institution, and introduces researchers from around the world to Bloomington and the state of Indiana.

Recent conferences hosted by PTI and Research Technologies include:

Education and workforce development


UITS Research Technologies staff teach courses at IU and travel the world to teach topics including scientific visualization, virtual reality, and digital humanities.


Internships with UITS Research Technologies and other research centers affiliated with the PTI; for currently available internships, check the Jobs @ IU website.

Jetstream REU program

Jetstream is the National Science Foundation's first production cloud computing system. Jetstream increases access to cloud computing resources for researchers in the "long tail of science" (for example, social science and humanities research).

Jetstream's Research Experiences for Undergraduates (REU) program provides students the opportunity to work with IU researchers and staff on mentored research projects that focus on optimizing Jetstream's potential benefits. Topics include efficiently using Jetstream for data analytics tasks, minimizing energy consumption via dynamic load balancing, and identifying best practices for Big Data analytics and compute-intensive humanities projects on Jetstream; for more, see Jetstream REU.

Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics (STEM) pipeline

Ready, Set, Robots!

Each year, UITS Research Technologies hosts the Ready, Set, Robots! camp, where junior high and high school students learn computer programming, problem-solving skills, critical-thinking, and teamwork. Students also gain public speaking experience, respect for their equipment and facilities, and insight into working "green" (in IU Bloomington's LEED-certified Cyberinfrastructure Building).

K-12 and university education and training resources

Research Technologies events and curricula resources help entice the next generation of Hoosiers to pursue exciting careers in STEM fields. View all education resources.

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