Access Intelligent Infrastructure vCenters using Duo

These instructions apply only to vCenter logins, not the vRealize Automation self-service portal.

To log into an Intelligent Infrastructure vCenter:

  1. Navigate to the appropriate vCenter.
  2. If you have Duo push enabled on your account, you may log in normally and the push will occur automatically. If you wish to use a passcode, you need to add a comma (,) to the end of your password, followed by a Duo passcode.

    For example, given a username bob, with password password123 and a Duo passcode 123456, you would enter:

      username: bob
      password: password123,123456

    In addition, you may enter the name of an out-of-band factor in lieu of a passcode. You may choose from the following factor names:

    • push: Perform Duo Push authentication. You can use Duo Push if you've installed Duo Mobile and added your account to it.
    • phone: Perform phone callback authentication.
    • sms: Send a new batch of SMS passcodes. Your authentication attempt will be denied. You can then authenticate with one of the newly delivered passcodes.
If you have more than one device of a certain type registered (for example, a second smartphone or tablet), you can add a number to the end of your secondary password to direct login requests to a particular device (for example, "push2" will send a login request to your second phone; "phone3" will call your third phone).

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