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Microsoft Office help feature

The help feature within Microsoft Office applications is usually the fastest and easiest way to get help. In Windows, access it by pressing F1 from within the application. In macOS, if you're in Word, for example, you can select Word Help from the Help menu.

Once the help feature opens, you can use the search feature in the task pane to find answers to your questions. To browse for topics, open the Table of Contents. The help feature also lets you connect to many of the Microsoft Office online help features, including Microsoft Office Assistance, Training, Communities, and Downloads.

Microsoft Office Online

If you can't find an answer to your question in the help feature, you can go online to one of Microsoft's help pages:

  • Microsoft Office Online is best suited to beginning or intermediate users.
  • Advanced users or developers can consult Microsoft's Office Dev Center for more technical information, coding reference materials, and code examples.

Microsoft Learning

Microsoft offers learning options for many of its products at Microsoft Learning.

Skillsoft training through Skillport

IU students, faculty, and staff can access Skillsoft training through Skillport. Skillport includes thousands of books and instructional videos on business, IT, and leadership topics.

IT Training

UITS IT Training offers many resources and services for training on Microsoft Office applications. To learn more, see IT Training.

Support Center

The Support Center can provide assistance over the phone, via chat or screen sharing, or in person at Support Center walk-up desks; see Contact your campus IT Support Center.

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