ARCHIVED: Oncourse PostEm tool: Overview

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Oncourse is retired. For details, see ARCHIVED: About the Oncourse retirement.

What it does

Using the PostEm tool, you can upload a comma-delimited (CSV) spreadsheet to present feedback to site participants.

PostEm provides the following functionality:

  • Display a participant's individual feedback to that participant
  • Display all participants' feedback to the site leader
  • Allow the site leader to view a single participant's feedback
  • Calculate and display simple statistics for any numerical data
  • Update an existing feedback file
  • Upload more than one feedback file

Key concepts

Spreadsheet formatting: For a spreadsheet to be compatible with PostEm, it must be saved in .csv format. The first column must contain usernames, and the first row must contain headings. Other data cells may contain text or numerical values.

Things to consider

  • A project site leader might use PostEm to give feedback to members about their contributions to a report, share feedback from other members, and provide and track specific goals for each individual.
  • A course site leader might use PostEm to give feedback to students about their performance in class, which might include scores, percentages, letter grades, and/or comments.
  • Unlike the Gradebook tool, PostEm cannot send final grades to SIS Grade Roster; see ARCHIVED: Submitting grades.

Help documentation

For help documentation about the PostEm tool, see ARCHIVED: PostEm.

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