ARCHIVED: In Oncourse, how do I determine my site's siteID?

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Your siteID is a unique ID for your course, portfolio, or project site. It is the string of numbers and letters appearing immediately after site/ in the site's URL.

For example, consider the following URL:

In the above example, the siteID is SU06-BL-CHEM-C360-6497. Note that for course sites and practice course sites, the semester, campus, academic department, course number, and section number are part of the siteID. SiteIDs for project and portfolio sites are random, automatically created strings of characters, for example:

In the example above, the siteID is c9de476e-8c3f-42c7-8006-83274397fbbf.

Additionally, site leaders can find the siteID in the Resources tool. In your site's menubar, click Resources, and then click Upload-Download Multiple Resources to view the siteID.

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