About the Open Science Grid

The Open Science Grid (OSG) is a high-throughput distributed computing infrastructure designed to facilitate large-scale scientific research. Developed and operated by a consortium of universities, national laboratories, scientific collaborations, and software developers, the OSG interoperates with multiple grid infrastructures throughout the world, allowing scientists to seamlessly harness high-throughput computing resources they may not have been able to use otherwise.

The OSG also contributes a virtual cluster to the Extreme Science and Engineering Discovery Environment ( XSEDE) cyberinfrastructure, providing XSEDE researchers access to unused cores in the OSG's distributed infrastructure. The virtual cluster interface is accessible from the XSEDE Single Sign-on Login Hub and allows XSEDE users to manage their jobs as if they were running on a single cluster. The XSEDE OSG virtual cluster is well suited for high-throughput workflows with simple system and data dependencies. For more about the XSEDE OSG virtual cluster, see Open Science Grid User Guide in the XSEDE User Portal.

If you need help or have a question about the XSEDE OSG virtual cluster, contact the XSEDE Help Desk.

For more about the OSG, see the OSG website.

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