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UITS Collaboration Technologies retired the "23" video bridge (Pexip) on December 23, 2019. This includes all conferences that begin with the prefix 23- as well as the and sites. Zoom has replaced the Pexip videoconferencing service; for more about moving your virtual meetings to Zoom, see Get started with Zoom.

While it is not possible to migrate a 23- conference number to the Zoom service, you can customize your Zoom Personal Meeting ID; for more, see What is Personal Meeting ID (PMI) and Personal Link?

Indiana University faculty or staff can create or join videoconferences using various systems.

Telephone (voice-only) participants can join a videoconference, but for conference calls involving only telephone users, use the IU Conference Call Services or UniCom/Skype for Business conference calls; see Hold a conference call or online meeting using Skype for Business.

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Create a virtual meeting room

IU faculty and staff members can create their own "23" virtual meeting rooms; for more, see About the "23" video bridge conference service (retired).

Connection instructions for participants

The text below contains instructions for videoconference participants to use to connect to meetings; meeting hosts can copy and paste this information into an email message to be sent to conference attendees. Be sure you replace "<conference#>" with your conference number throughout the message before you send it.

Please join me in my IU Virtual Meeting Room:

From a web browser (we recommend Chrome), go to, click the Video icon, enter your conference number in the "Search to call" field, and press Enter to connect.

From Skype for Business, make a video or audio call to <conference#>

From an IU videoconferencing room system, dial <conference#>.

From a non-IU videoconferencing room system, dial <conference#>

From a telephone as an audio-only participant, dial (812) 856-7060 or (317) 278-8080, and then <conference#>.

More connection information is available at Need help? Contact the IU Video Help Desk at (812) 856-2020,

Join a videoconference

Use videoconferencing equipment

Use your videoconferencing unit remote control to enter the conference number provided by the conference organizer, and then press the green Call button.

Use a desktop or laptop computer

  • IU Video Bridge (recommended): Using Chrome (recommended), go to, enter a display name, click the green Video icon, and enter your conference number. For more, see ARCHIVED: About the Pexip Web App.
  • Skype for Business: In the search field, type the conference number, followed by Right-click the resulting contact and select Start a Video Call. For a voice-only call, select Call. For more, see ARCHIVED: Use Skype for Business to connect to videoconference rooms.
  • Skype (consumer version): Add a contact named <conference#>, where <conference#> is an IU videoconference number. After a few moments, the new contact will resolve and display a green check icon. Once the new contact is resolved, you may place a video call to this contact to join the IU videoconference.

Use a telephone

  1. Dial the Auto Attendant at 812-856-7060 or 317-278-8080.
  2. Enter the conference number provided by the organizer, followed by the # key.

If you're joining a Zoom conference, see How Do I Join by Telephone?

Use a non-IU system

Most external systems can connect to an IU Video Bridge by dialing the conference number or alias followed by (for example, or

For videoconferencing systems at an institution that participates in the Global Dialing Scheme (GDS), direct dial using IU's GDS domestic or international institutional prefix, as follows:

  • Domestic US: Dial 11439, followed by the conference number.
  • International: Dial 0011439, followed by the conference number.

For videoconferencing endpoints outside of IU and not registered with a participating GDS gatekeeper, create or join a conference as follows:

  1. Connect to the Indiana University Guest Portal at
  2. Activate the touchtone keypad; typically, in a videoconferencing room, you do this by pressing # (pound) on your videoconferencing system control.
  3. Press 1, enter the conference number, and then press # .
  4. Press # again to place the call.

Learn more and get help

For help or to learn more, contact UITS Learning Spaces Support (, 812-856-2020).

To connect with a mobile device, see ARCHIVED: About the Pexip mobile app.

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