ARCHIVED: Completed project: Call Center console replacement

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Primary UITS contact: Kaye Davidson

Completed: Completed April 23, 2008

Description: The physical systems and database platforms presently used for the IU Call Center will be replaced or upgraded with innovative technology.

Applications associated with these systems include directory assistance, paging, emergency response, messaging, and on-call information.

Outcome: The focus of this project is to put both campuses on one system containing the same database and informational view, which will build in naturally additional redundancy and foster ease of process transitions during overflow situations or service handoffs.

Milestones and status:

  • April-May 2007: Vendor selection
  • June-July 2007: Planning and vendor site visit
  • August 2007: Directory structure completed; paging vendor data collected; IVR implementation reviewed
  • September 2007: 41,000 directory updates completed for first test of export
  • November-December 2007: Work with vendors to determine best protocol for paging implementation; export directory into new directory builds; vendor site visit for administrative training
  • January 2008: Operator training; vendor site visit for full implementation

Comment process: Send email to Kaye Davidson.


  • Replaces proprietary system with open standard technology
  • Provides multiple/relational directories that provide flexibility in record length and field size
  • Ease of data imports and exports
  • Integration of all major protocols, including paging, pagers, cell phone, and PDAs
  • Flexibility in managing reports and statistical data
  • Provides interface with other database applications (LDAP and ODBC)

Project sponsor: Sue Workman, Associate Vice President for Support

Project team:

  • Paul Clegg
  • Sandy Cunningham
  • Kaye Davidson
  • Mary Lou East-Emmons
  • Mary Moran-Gilreath
  • Tim Smedley

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