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Primary UITS contacts: Alan Walsh and Dennis Gillespie

Completed: April 21, 2008

Description: Implement hosted email for students

Outcome: The project's goal is to provide students with an email choice for spring 2008 in addition to Webmail. Hosted email will be the only option for new students, and existing students will have an option to migrate to one of the new services.

Milestones and status: The project began in June 2007. The project plan is as follows:

  • Phase I: Vendor evaluation and selection
    • June 2007: Begin RFP process
    • June 13, 2007: Distribute RFP to solicit responses from vendors
    • June 18-22, 2007: Initial vendor meetings to discuss offered products and services
    • June 28, 2007: Vendor responses due
    • June 28-July 13, 2007: Evaluate RFP responses
    • July 9-20, 2007: Student participants pilot vendor products
    • July 20-23, 2007: Student participants evaluate vendor products
    • November 2007: UITS forms implementation team
    • February 5, 2008: Google and Microsoft selected as implementation partners
  • Phase II: Implementation
    • March 27, 2008: Hosted services offered to new students
  • Phase III: Migration
    • April 14, 2008: Migration of existing Webmail users begins with May grads
    • Summer/fall 2008: Migration will continue for remaining students

Comment process: Send email to Alan Walsh or Dennis Gillespie.


  • Enhanced email functionality
  • Web 2.0 features (e.g., personal web space, calendar, blogs)
  • Increase in email storage space (currently limited to 100MB per student)

Primary client: Students who use university email

Client impact: Clients will experience significant changes in the user interface as well as changes in functionality; new tools will be available.

Implementation team

  • Alan Walsh, IMS (co-lead)
  • Dennis Gillespie, Support (co-lead)
  • Rick Jackson, Messaging
  • Jeremy Hopf, Enterprise Software
  • Jacob Farmer, IMS
  • Rahul Doshi, IMS
  • Brian McGough, Enterprise Software
  • Chip Rondot, UITS Communications
  • Karen Garrett, Support
  • Abe Dashiell, Support
  • DeNita Middlebrooks, Support
  • Sean Krulewitch, UISO
  • Paul Brown, Support
  • Michael Dalton, Support
  • Sara Engel, UITS Communications
  • Drew Hostetler, Support
  • Nicole Lyon, Support
  • Chris England, Support
  • Andy Hunsucker, IT Training

Vendor selection committee

  • Kristol Hancock, Project lead
  • Jennifer Van Horn, Unified Communications
  • Jill Schunk, Purchasing
  • Alan Walsh, IMS
  • Chris England, Support
  • Sean Krulewitch, Policy and Security
  • Matt Bentley, student
  • Stacey Clifton, student
  • Andrew Davis, student
  • Brian Davis, student
  • Beth Herrold, student
  • David Imus, student
  • Phillip McComb, student
  • Paul Rohwer, student
  • Joe Weis, student
  • Christopher White, student
  • Trevor Fulk, IUPUI Undergraduate Student Government President
  • Sharee Myricks, IUPUI Undergraduate Student Government Vice President
  • William Wright III, Student Body President
  • Hasan Akay, Chancellor's Professor and Chair, Department of Mechanical Engineering
  • Christopher Haynes, faculty
  • Kelly Kish, Faculty Council Office
  • Suk-Hee Lee, Professor, Department of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology
  • Malika Mahoui, Assistant Professor
  • Jim Morgan, Director of Educational Technology, IU School of Medicine
  • Sharon Stoten, Assistant Clinical Professor

Governance: Dennis Cromwell, Associate Vice President, Enterprise Infrastructure (Executive sponsor)

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