Umail at IU

Umail is only for former students who do not have an active status (e.g., faculty, staff) and who separated from IU prior to March 11, 2018; see About the Umail upgrade. Current students use Gmail at IU. If you're unsure about what type of account you have, contact your campus Support Center.

Available apps

For former students, a Umail account includes access to some Google Apps, such as Alerts, Calendar, Drive, Scholar, and Sites. Others, including Blogger, Books, Chrome Integration, Hangouts, Maps, Wallet, and YouTube, are unavailable with a Umail login for various reasons, including contractual limitations between IU and Google.

To use a Umail account with available Google Apps, enter as your username, and then enter your Umail vendor password.

Access your mail

Access methods

Reset your Umail vendor password

Resetting your Umail vendor password does not affect your IU passphrase.

To reset your Umail vendor password:

  1. On the IU Umail home page, click Set Umail password. Depending on your device, you may need to scroll down to see the Set Umail password link; on devices with larger displays, you should see it to the right of the login button.
  2. On the "IU Central Authentication Service" page, enter your IU username and passphrase, and then click Login.
    If you're already logged into IU's Central Authentication Service (e.g., via One.IU), you'll skip this step and be redirected to the Umail "Set your password" page.
  3. On the "Set Umail password" page, read the password guidelines, and then, in the "Enter password" and "Confirm password" text fields, enter a new Umail vendor password.
  4. Click Set password. You'll see a page that confirms your Umail vendor password was successfully set.


  • You are required to establish an IU email account and read email sent from IU faculty and administration; see official communications information.
  • Manage your mail account settings, such as your preferred email address, at Manage your Email.
  • Any accounts with Google Gmail that you already have or create in the future remain separate from your Gmail at IU or Imail account.
Many students are employed in some capacity by Indiana University and use email in their employment, either to communicate with their co-workers and supervisors, or to carry out their job responsibilities. Because Gmail at IU, Imail, and Umail accounts are hosted by vendors external to IU, student employees may use these accounts to conduct university business only if they do not receive or transmit any institutional data considered sensitive via these accounts. For work involving sensitive institutional data, student employees must use Exchange email accounts. For more, see About student email accounts and IU employment.

Mail sent to yourself

In Umail, if you send a message to yourself using your IU address (e.g.,,,, the message might not be delivered to your Inbox. It will, however, appear in your Sent Items folder. This behavior is intentional, and is meant to prevent duplication of mail.

If you would like to send a message to yourself so that it arrives in your Inbox, address it to

Get help

The Support Center provides help for all IU mail systems, including Umail.

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