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About the Imail retirement

In order to simplify email systems at IU, UITS will be discontinuing the Imail email service. No definite date has been set, but UITS will provide all current Imail account holders at least six months' notice before Imail is retired.

UITS has ended new account creation for Imail. Existing Imail account holders are not affected at this time.

If you are an IU student who needs IU email, you should create a Umail account.

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Access your mail

Your Imail username and password

You log into your Imail account using a system-specific username and password. You do not use your IU username and passphrase to log into Imail; however, your IU username is incorporated into your Imail username in this manner:

For example, someone with the IU username kylosolo would have the following Imail username:

Initially, your Imail password is set to "Iu", plus your ten-digit University ID number (e.g., Iu##########). When you log into Imail the first time, you will be required to change the default password to a new one. Follow all the prompts (e.g., enter a third-party email address, set up a security question) for future password recovery.

If you cannot log in, reset your vendor password as described below.

Access methods

You can access your Imail account via the web, or you can configure an email client to read your Imail:

Reset your password

Resetting your Imail vendor password does not affect your IU passphrase.

To reset your Imail vendor password:

  1. Go to the IU Imail home page:
  2. Near the top of the page, in the instructions for authenticating (i.e., logging in), click reset it here.
  3. On the "IU Central Authentication Service" page, enter your IU username and passphrase, and then click Login.
    If you're already logged into IU's Central Authentication Service (e.g., via One.IU), you'll automatically skip this step and land on the "Set your Imail password" page.
  4. The form will automatically calculate your new password's strength and display its ranking (ranging from "Invalid" to "Strongest") on the "Password strength" bar. When you have created and verified a valid password that is "Medium" strength or stronger, click Set Password.
  5. You'll see a page that confirms your Imail vendor password was successfully set. Click Done to return to the IU Imail home page.

Import contacts

Imail allows you to import contacts from a CSV file; see Import contacts using Outlook Web App. Imail also provides a shared Address Book of contacts that lists everyone with an Imail account.

Things to consider

  • While you may log in with your Umail or Imail email address in the format (especially when using Google apps) or, this is not your official IU email address. For more, see Your IU email address.
  • You are required to establish an IU email account and read email sent from IU faculty and administration; see official communications information.
  • You manage your mail account settings, such as your preferred email address, through various tasks in One.IU.
  • While you are an enrolled student, advertisements do not appear in the IU-customized systems. After you graduate, you will have the option of keeping your account, at which time ads will appear.
  • Any accounts with Google Gmail that you already have or create in the future remain separate from your Umail or Imail account.
Many students are employed in some capacity by Indiana University and use email in their employment, either to communicate with their co-workers and supervisors, or to carry out their job responsibilities. Because Imail and Umail accounts are hosted by vendors external to IU, student employees may use these accounts to conduct university business only if they do not receive or transmit any institutional data considered sensitive via these accounts. See Student use of email for work-related purposes.

Get help

For help documentation, see:

The Support Center provides help for all IU mail systems, including Imail.

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