For IU emergency notifications, how do I update my contact information?

The IU-Notify service is for current students, faculty, and staff. If IU-Notify isn't available to you, you likely have former status and are not eligible for such notifications. Additionally, you cannot use this process to opt into text messaging for departmental cell phones; for special handling of departmental cell phones, contact the Support Center.
  1. Go to Emergency Notification Settings (IU Notify) in One.IU, and click Start.
  2. Add or edit the desired phone or email information. Be aware, however, that some information is listed by default and you cannot change it yourself; you can only edit contact information you have entered yourself.

    You can choose to receive alerts for multiple campuses by checking the box next to the campus listing on the right. You may want to do this if you are located at a campus different from the one that houses your academic program, or if you regularly work on multiple campuses, for example.

    You can remove the campus affiliation ("home" campus) stored in your official record as long as you select at least one campus. Your "home" campus is selected by default, but you can choose another campus as your "home" campus by selecting the campus of your choice and deselecting the indicated "home" campus.

    The "IU office" number is published in the Global Address List and in the IU Address Book ( If you have a private office number that you do not wish to make public, enter it in the "Private Office/Secondary Home" field. This will allow you to receive emergency notifications via your office number, and to list a central departmental or other line publicly.
  3. Once you have updated your information or verified that it is correct, click save.

    If you are verifying because you were prompted to do so, update or verify your information, check the box stating that you have done so, and click verify.

In an emergency, Indiana University will send notifications to any or all of the following phone numbers and email addresses currently on file for you:

  • IU office
  • Home
  • Private office/secondary home
  • Cellular
  • Cellular 2
  • Cellular 3
  • IU email
  • *SMS/text
  • Non-IU email
If you do not subscribe to a text messaging package, standard text messaging rates may apply.
If the *SMS/text box is checked, all cellular phone numbers listed will receive SMS/text messages. You can only opt out of voice calls to individual cell phone numbers by deselecting the Send Voice to: box next to each number.

IU-Notify now allows for SMS text delivery to three cell phone numbers and the option to receive both voice and text, text only, or voice only to those numbers.

You can also make personal decisions about your delivery method preferences without affecting your permanent HR/SIS record.

If you choose to remove delivery methods for emergency notifications, you must acknowledge responsibility for life safety issues when limiting delivery of alerts by the university. The university does not recommend opting out of any delivery method because emergencies can eliminate delivery methods, such as oversaturated cell phone towers prohibiting voice and/or SMS text delivery to cell phones.

IU-Notify opt-out acknowledgment statement:

If you choose to "opt-out" of any IU-Notify delivery method, you increase your risk of not being notified. You will not receive alerts via those methods for any campus emergency or urgent situation, including but not limited to campus closure, class cancellation, or a specific threat to your safety, such as an active shooter. There are risks inherent in choosing to opt-out of delivery methods, including the risk that you will not receive critical communication from the University and therefore, you may not have necessary information to stay safe in emergency or threatening situations. If you have any responsibilities for the welfare of staff, faculty, students and/or visitors on campus, or supervise any such individuals on campus, it is important that you maintain multiple delivery points (i.e. cell and home phone) so you will receive necessary information in an emergency.

I acknowledge that I have read and understand the risks listed above.

You'll need to check the acknowledgment box to indicate that you have read and understand the risks of opting out.

You will be prompted yearly to verify your contact information.

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