ARCHIVED: What is MPICH-VMI2, and where can I learn to use it on the TeraGrid?

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MPICH-VMI2 (Virtual Machine Interface) is one of the flavors of MPI (Message Passing Interface) available on the TeraGrid; the others are MPICH-GM and MPICH-G2, and all are a part of CTSS.

MPICH-VMI2 provides the ability to communicate over heterogeneous networks, is optimized for point-to-point communication, and has extensive support for profiling.

There are two flavors of MPICH-VMI2 on the TeraGrid: the GCC compiled library and the Intel compiled library. It's recommended that you not mix them together. CTSS defines keys for each compiled library:

  • GCC: mpich-vmi-2.1.0-1-gcc-3-2
  • Intel: mpich-vmi-2.1.0-1-intel-8.0

For more information about using MPICH-VMI2 on the TeraGrid, see the Multisite VMI page in the TeraGrid User Support documentation, and the NCSA's MPICH-VMI2 TeraGrid User Manual.

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