ARCHIVED: In the IU Podcast Portal, how do I use the tag cloud feature?

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Keywords and the tag cloud

The tag cloud on the Indiana University Podcast Portal is a visual representation of the popularity of certain podcast keywords.

When you create a podcast feed on the portal, you can add keywords that describe the podcast in the "Keywords" field. The field can have multiple keywords, and you can separate them by either commas or spaces.

Adding your keywords to the tag cloud

If you are registering an existing podcast on the IU Podcast Portal, the keyword data comes from the itunes:keywords element of the RSS feed. If you do not have this element in your feed, you need to add it so your keywords will be added to the tag cloud.

The tag cloud features only the top 50 keywords used in podcasts. If your tag doesn't appear, it's because it doesn't rank in the top 50. Regardless of its rank, your tag will still be searchable in the portal.

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