Wireless networks for IU departments

At Indiana University, departments must apply for an exemption from University Information Technology Services (UITS) before setting up a mobile or temporary wireless network, or a wireless network without a direct Ethernet connection to the campus network. To request an exemption, email Campus Network Engineering. For more about IU policy regarding wireless networks, see Wireless Networking (IT-20), available from the University Information Policy Office (UIPO).

Once your department's exemption is approved, follow the instructions provided by your wireless device's manufacturer to configure the device as follows:

  • Use a Service Set Identifier (SSID; that is, network name) other than the reserved IU SSIDs.
  • Use WPA or higher encryption with a pre-shared key or other approved authentication method.
  • If your device supports AES encryption, use it; otherwise, use TKIP.
  • Use a wireless channel that does not conflict with nearby UITS wireless access points. Based on your proximity to UITS access points, UITS network engineers will provide suggestions for free wireless channels.
  • If your wireless network is intended only for a specific group of devices, configure the network to accept connections only from the MAC addresses of those devices.

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