ARCHIVED: When submitting my RSS URL to the IU Podcast Portal, how can I tell if my feed is valid?

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When you register a podcast via an RSS URL, the Indiana University Podcast Portal will perform a validation check on the feed. If the feed is invalid, a message will appear in red just below the submission box.

To view specific information about the error, click the red text. This will redirect you to the W3C (World Wide Web Consortium) Feed Validator, where you'll see the results of your feed, information about what is invalid, and the line number for each error.

To fix your feed, correct each error based on the suggestions given by the feed validator service (available by clicking Help near the end of the highlighted text in the error area). After you correct each error, click Check near the top of the page to re-check the feed. Continue this process until no errors are reported and you receive a message that says, "Congratulations! This is a valid RSS feed."

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