About Webserve


Due to the evolving coronavirus situation, the retirement of Webserve is delayed until April 16. This is to allow classes that reference sites on Webserve to continue with minimal disruption.

All remaining Webserve sites will be disabled on April 16. Login access to webserve.iu.edu will also be disabled on April 16. If you have websites that still need to be moved to IU Sitehosting, you should migrate immediately.

At Indiana University, Webserve is the Linux-based central web server for:

  • www.iu.edu
  • www.indiana.edu
  • www.iub.edu
  • www.iupui.edu
  • www.iun.edu
  • www.iuk.edu
  • www.iue.edu
  • www.ius.edu
  • www.iusb.edu

Webserve provides the IU community the ability to publish information for purposes related to the university's mission of education, research, and public service. For information about requesting an account, see About Webserve and IU Sitehosting accounts.

For more, see Publish to Webserve.

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For help or to comment, email the UITS Support Center.