View your class permissions

Since some Indiana University classes require departmental consent requiring each student to get permission to enroll, and departments may also use class permissions to allow enrollment in a closed class, you may need to view your permissions. To do so:

  1. Go to the Student Center.
  2. In the navigation menu on the left, click the Enrollment (graduation cap) icon.
  3. Click Class Permissions.
  4. If prompted, select the enrollment term.

    Any class permissions you've been granted for the term will display.

The Permission Types available for a class are:

  • "If Space" indicates that you may enroll in the class if space is available.
  • "Add" indicates that you may add the class even if it is closed.
  • "Drop" indicates that you have approval to drop a mandatory, academic department-controlled class.

Other permission information includes:

  • Subject, Catalog Nbr, Class Nbr, Description: Identifies the class for which you have been granted permission
  • Date used: Appears when you use the class permission
  • Expiration date: The last date you can use this class permission

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