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Primary UITS contact: Kim Milford

Completed: December 31, 2008

Description: is a gateway into open content across IU, including open courseware, journals, collections, podcasts, and other materials that the university wishes to make broadly available.

Outcome: Provide an easily remembered, easily referenced site for accessing open content at IU

Milestones and status:

  • Develop site template Completed
  • Establish website Completed
  • Convene advisory group Completed
  • Collect and organize initial content: Completed
  • Determine web standards for linking Completed
  • Launch site Completed
  • Publish content Ongoing
  • Communicate availability of the site Ongoing
  • Integrate new content as needed and available Ongoing
  • Periodically revisit to ensure inclusion and currency of open content provided through the site Ongoing
  • Determine means for accepting new content

Comment process: Contact Kim Milford.

Benefits: Enhance the ease with which individuals can find open content at IU

Risks: None


  • Currently, material is taken only from other sources of open content at IU; only those wishing to share their content publicly will be included. As the gateway continues to be developed and more content is included, intellectual property rights may need to be assessed and terms of use set for materials provided through the site.
  • Some faculty, researchers, and content providers may not be able to make their content available because of contractual obligations.
  • The site does not include open source/systems. A note provides access to the major open source initiatives with which IU is involved.

Project team:

  • David Donaldson, UITS
  • Vince Cannon, UITS
  • Michael Jasiak, UITS
  • David Lewis, IUPUI Libraries
  • Kim Milford, OVPIT
  • Stacy Morrone, OVPIT
  • Sue Perin, UITS
  • Erik Scull, UITS
  • Pat Steele, IUB Libraries
  • Sue Workman, OVPIT

Governance: Office of the Vice President for Information Technology

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