About IU Intelligent Infrastructure


IU Intelligent Infrastructure (II) is a suite of services provided by the Enterprise Systems division of UITS. II offers remote access to the same high performance and high-availability hardware and security devices UITS uses to deliver mission-critical university applications and services.

The reusability of the II infrastructure provides substantial cost benefits to IU departments and allows continuous innovation, refinement, and adaptation to meet evolving operational needs. The infrastructure supports over 100,000 users and consists of thousands of virtual servers backed by multiple petabytes of storage. The infrastructure design points allow for concurrent maintenance and hardware refresh cycles that result in zero scheduled downtime for the consumers.

Service model

The II service model offers two principal components, allowing you to adjust your level of service as needs change. You can begin service with only a single virtual machine, adding disk storage or additional system resources when you choose. You maintain full control of your operating system, applications, and data.

  • Virtual systems supply the infrastructure and network capacity necessary to host your applications, while optional disk storage on UITS enterprise-class storage area networks (SANs) ensures security and availability of your files.
  • Backup solutions provide on-site and off-site storage, isolating you from potential disasters by storing your backup data within the two UITS hardened data centers.

General benefits

  • Reduced overall cost of hardware to the university
  • Protection of environment with greener solution; overall energy savings
  • Improved security of university data and IT assets
  • Enhanced physical access security

More information

For further details, see IU Intelligent Infrastructure.

For more about virtualization, refer to the Wikipedia Virtualization and x86 virtualization pages.

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