ARCHIVED: Completed project: Data Center relocation

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Primary UITS contact: Dan Miller

Completed: July 20, 2010

Description: The Indiana University Bloomington Data Center building project is scheduled for completion in the spring of 2009. In preparation for the transition to the new Data Center from the Wrubel Computing Center, UITS and Enterprise Infrastructure will schedule multiple equipment move dates over the next 8-12 months.

About the data center: Enterprise Infrastructure manages the Advanced Cyberinfrastructure Facilities (data centers) at IU. The new data center will meet the increasing demand for secure information technology facilities on the IUB campus. With its bunkered design, the data center will have an increased capacity to withstand most natural disasters, ensuring the safety and security of IU's most important networking, computer processing, and data storage equipment. The Data Center will also provide the space and infrastructure needed to significantly upgrade the storage and computing resources dedicated to research.

Inside the approximately 82,700-square-foot data center will be three distinct machine rooms: the Enterprise, Research, and Future Research pods, sized at just over 10,000 square feet each. There will also be a centralized war room and an operations center. The machine rooms will house networking and computing infrastructure currently located in the Wrubel Computing Center. This infrastructure includes numerous data storage units and servers including the supercomputer Big Red as well as the Bloomington statewide high-speed optical hub for I-Light.

Outcome: All equipment from the Wrubel Computing Center will be relocated to the new Data Center within one year of building availability.

Milestones and status:

  • February-March 2008
    • Complete a site inventory analysis of all equipment Completed
  • April 2008
    • Work with IU Purchasing on standard server rack RFP Completed
    • Develop internal and external communications plans Completed
    • Periodic updates provided at Change Management meetings Completed
  • May 2008
    • Conduct on-site server rack evaluations Completed
    • Schedule meetings with system owners to discuss move options and strategies Completed
    • Periodic updates provided at Change Management meetings Completed
  • June 2008-March 2009
    • Select and award server rack vendor Completed
    • Select multiple move dates Completed
    • Prepare detailed move plans Completed
    • Communicate move dates Completed
    • Prepare risk and contingency plans Completed
    • Finalize new Data Center rack layouts Completed
    • Work with IU Purchasing on an RFQ for equipment movers Completed
    • Complete a staffing plan that specifies move activities and how to handle day-to-day operations during the move Completed
    • Periodic updates provided at Change Management meetings Completed
    • Expand the members of the Systems Assurance Group (SAG) to include representation across UITS divisional units Completed
    • With the assistance of SAG, develop and implement Data Center policies and standards Completed
  • April-December 2009
    • Coordinate move activities Completed
    • Conduct post-move audit and process improvement analysis after each move date Completed
    • Periodic updates provided at Change Management meetings Completed
  • January-June 2010
    • Communicate status of move activities Completed
    • WCC machine room sustainable cleanup Completed
    • Surplus/resell/repurpose old server racks and equipment Completed
    • Remove and recycle/repurpose cabling and power cords from under the raised floor Completed

Comment process: Send email to Dan Miller.


  • The new Data Center building is rated to withstand an F5 tornado, according to FEMA standards.
  • The Enterprise Data Center pod has an Uptime Institute Tier III rating.
  • Server ARCHIVED: virtualization and SANs between the old and new data centers will minimize application downtime during physical equipment moves.
  • The new center will improve capacity for significant upgrades to the storage and computing resources.
  • The new center will improve IU ARCHIVED: disaster recovery preparedness.

Project team:

  • Operations group:
    • Dan Miller
    • Linda Sieboldt
    • Toma Montgomery
  • Facilities group:
    • Don Brock
    • Eric Goy
    • Doug Chambers

Project partners:

Indiana University Architects Office

All UITS divisional units

  • Enterprise Infrastructure:
    • System Infrastructure
    • Telecommunication Infrastructure
  • Enterprise Software:
    • Enterprise Business Systems
    • Enterprise Academic Systems
    • Enterprise Services Integration & delivery
  • Learning Technologies:
    • Academic and Faculty Services
    • Learning Technology Operations
  • Networks
  • Research Technologies
  • Support:
    • User Support
    • Support Systems and Licensing, Executive IT Support


  • Public Safety and Institutional Assurance
  • Administration and Finance Office
  • Communications Office
  • Pervasive Technology Labs

Current departmental colocation customers:

  • Chemistry
  • IUF
  • Library Information Team
  • Math Webworks
  • Pathology (IUPUI)
  • Physical Plant (VPAD)
  • SIFS


  • EI AVP: Dennis Cromwell
  • EI Systems director: Rob Lowden

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