Run an SAS batch job on Karst at IU

To run an SAS batch job on the Karst cluster at Indiana University, create your SAS file (e.g.,, and then write a TORQUE job script (e.g., my_sas_job.script) similar to the following example:

  #PBS -k o
  #PBS -l nodes=1:ppn=2,walltime=30:00
  #PBS -M
  #PBS -m abe 
  #PBS -N JobName
  #PBS -j oe

In the above example:

  • Replace with the email address where you want to receive system messages about your job.
  • If you are not working in your home directory, include a line (between your TORQUE directives and the execution line) that changes the working directory; for example:
      cd /N/u/username/Karst/my_work_dir

    Also, use the full path to your SAS script on the execution line; for example:

      sas ~/my_work_dir/

To submit your job script (e.g., my_sas_job.script), on the command line, enter:

  qsub my_sas_job.script

To check the status of your job, use either the qstat or showq command. After the job is executed, you will receive email confirmation.

You may see a log file (my_sas.log) and an output file ( my_sas.lis) in the default directory.

For more about using TORQUE job scripts to run batch jobs, see Use TORQUE to submit and manage jobs on high-performance computing systems.

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