ARCHIVED: Completed project: Online Campus Directory

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Primary UITS contact: Kaye Davidson, TC Bradley

Completed: September 4, 2009

Description: The Online Campus Directory project will deliver alpha and departmental directory information for all campuses via a directory application on IMM servers.

Outcome: The project will leverage the MIIS data feed already being consumed by Telephony Systems, so no additional data feed from the central identity services will be necessary. The project will also:

  • Register a new DNS name for the service to provide the directory application from IMM servers.
  • Provide directory information access via Web Service data that can be consumed by other applications and units, as necessary.
  • Filter IUPUI and IUPU Columbus faculty and staff entries by telephone number exchanges to differentiate them for their IUPUI colleagues in the listings.
  • Maintain IPFW faculty and staff entries in IMM data sources, via data submitted by that campus, and integrate entries into the IMM data sources alongside the other campus information.
  • Incorporate Active Directory contact information from non-IU entities via a separate process, and store the information in IMM data sources alongside all other entries.

Milestones and status:

  • June 2008:
    • Database backend infrastructure in place Completed
    • New URL live Completed
    • Prototype on ready for testing Completed
    • Directory web service beta in place Completed
    • Draft verbiage, images, flavor text, etc., in place in the application Partially complete
  • July 2008:
    • All campus alpha data available to the application Completed
    • Backend harvest processing code Completed
    • Data filtering from Telephony Systems to IMM data sources in place Partially complete
    • Final interface design done Completed
    • Web service finalized for production Completed
    • Include AD contact information (e.g., Clarian) in IMM data sources Completed
  • August-October 2008:
    • Print options available
    • Roll out
    • Postcard announcements sent to deans, directors, department heads
    • News articles posted in Newsbit and Monitor
  • November 12, 2008: Project under review by senior management

Project team:

  • TC Bradley
  • Kaye Davidson
  • Travis Robinson
  • Gladys Mathis
  • Adam Sweeny
  • Sandy Cunningham
  • Tim Smedley
  • Barb Patrick
  • Mary Lou East-Emmons
  • Chip Rondot
  • Sarah Engel

Governance: Sue Perin, Mike Lucas, Sue Workman, Dennis Cromwell

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