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The locally developed Search, Filter, and Manage Courses app offers a powerful alternative to the All Courses tool in Canvas. In addition to viewing a simple list of course enrollments, you can:

Access the app

To access the Search, Filter, and Manage Courses app:

  1. Log into Canvas, and from the global navigation menu, select Courses.
  2. From the Courses fly-out menu, select Search, Filter, and Manage Courses. (This option appears at the bottom of the Courses menu, beneath All Courses.)

Use the app

By default, the page lists all courses in which you are enrolled, grouped by enrollment status. Use any of the following controls to find, filter, group, and sort the courses in the list:

  • "Filter by" menu: Filters course list by enrollment status, hidden/unhidden status, published/unpublished status, and term
  • "Group by" menu: Groups results by enrollment status, term, or course role
  • "Search courses" box: Searches for courses by name, nickname, or course code. Results only include courses that match both the search expression and the currently applied filters.
  • Sortable column headers: Select the Course Name, Course Code/SIS ID, or Term column header to sort the results by the column within each group.
  • Course visibility icons: Use the icon in the "Course Visibility" column to toggle the course between visible ( An eye icon indicates a visible course ) and hidden ( A grayed-out eye indicates a hidden course ) status. By default, the app filters out hidden courses; to show hidden courses, in the Filter by menu, under "Course Visibility", check the Hidden box.
  • Favorite icons: Use the star icons in the "Favorite" column to toggle the course between favorited ( A solid yellow star indicates a favorited course ) and unfavorited ( A star outline indicates an unfavorited course ) status. Favorite courses are listed in the Courses fly-out menu and the Canvas Dashboard. You can only mark current and future enrollments as favorites.

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