ARCHIVED: Completed project: STC Summer Upgrades 2008

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Primary UITS contact: Doug Grover

Completed: February 18, 2009

Description: Each summer, the Student Technology Centers (STCs) at IUB and IUPUI are cleaned and upgraded to the next semester's software build, and, depending on the lifecycle schedule, new hardware. During the summer of 2008, STC staff worked on nearly 2,400 Macs and PCs in labs, classrooms, and email locations. More than 600 seats received lifecycle replacement hardware, and 155 email stations were upgraded through trickle-down replacement.

Software upgrades included moving from Windows XP to Windows Vista Enterprise, and from Mac OS X 10.4 (Tiger) to 10.5 (Leopard). At IUB, the Pharos Uniprint print management software was upgraded from version 6.1 to 7.2, an upgrade that required reworking all the software infrastructure supporting the STCs and departmental partner labs.

Additionally, six STCs at IUB and two at IUPUI received 1Gbps network upgrades:

  • Woodburn Hall 211 Completed
  • Jordan Hall 224 Completed
  • McNutt 006 Completed
  • University West 022 Completed
  • Read 4001 Completed
  • Tulip Tree 405 Completed
  • BS 3000 Completed
  • BS 3005 Completed

Woodburn Hall 211 received a complete makeover, and Lindley Hall 025, Gresham 102a, and Swain East 045 have new carpet. The Barnes Lounge lab was merged with the Griggs Lounge lab in a new configuration supporting group work as well as individual study.

At IUB, summer upgrades began the first week of summer session, and continued through August. At IUPUI, STC staff assisted partner schools Nursing and Law with software upgrades during the summer sessions, and conducted upgrades in BS 300x and ICTC between the end of the second summer session and the start of fall semester.

Project team:

  • IUB:
    • STC Mac and Windows teams
    • STC Operations team
    • STC Print team
    • Communications Services
    • Physical Plant
    • Residential Programs & Services
  • IUPUI:
    • STC staff
    • Network Operations
    • Campus Facilities Services

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