In WorkFlows, for Library Acquisitions, how do I handle problems with PDP or ID billing encumbrance transfer?

A nightly batch PDP (pre-disbursement processor) interface allows acquisitions libraries to transfer payment requests from library invoices in Sirsi WorkFlows to university accounting and check-writing systems administered by Financial Management Services (FMS). In addition, encumbrance changes can be transferred from Library Fund screens to University Accounts weekly.

In WorkFlows, extended info fields are used to transfer pertinent information to FMS. Detailed documentation on the use of extended info fields is available to each acquisitions library. When data entry errors are made, normally the entire batch will be rejected and appropriate error messages will be sent by PDP or ID billing to Acquisitions staff. When the errors have been corrected, the invoices will be processed on the following nightly PDP run. There is no need to contact computing or financial staff for assistance in these cases.

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