Pager service

At Indiana University, departments can lease two types of pagers:

  • Numeric Pager: A radio-paging receiver, activated when a caller dials the telephone number associated with the pager and enters a telephone number through the touchtone keypad. That telephone number then appears on the pager display so that the receiver can call it. Call notification can be a tone, a flashing light, or a vibration.
  • Alphanumeric Pager: Can display a telephone number or message of up to 80 characters in length on its LCD display. Those wishing to page someone can send text messages via the internet or via email, or send a number by phone.

For more on the paging service, call 812-855-2111 (IU Bloomington) or 317-274-3004 (IU Indianapolis).

For support information on your pager, see the link below that matches your pager model.

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