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The Boost Planner is a feature in the Boost mobile app that allows students to make personalized tasks and reminders for themselves, tied to Canvas courses and assignments. These tasks are also integrated with the Canvas To-Do list. You can select from a list of recommended to-do items or create customized tasks, set a target due date for these tasks, mark tasks as complete, and customize the timing of reminder notifications for these tasks. A planner item is only visible to the person who created it; it will not be visible to the instructor or to other students in the class.

Create a planner item

To create a planner item:

  1. Access the Boost Planner by tapping the Planner icon in the lower right corner of the Boost screen.
  2. Tap the blue hovering + icon in the lower right corner of the Planner screen.
  3. Create a title for the planner item. Tap the lightbulb icon to pick from a list of common tasks:
    • Write an outline
    • Complete a rough draft
    • Make practice problems
    • Test myself on practice problems
    • Complete the readings
    • Contact a study partner
    • Organize a study group
    • Contact instructor
    • Attend office hours
    • Schedule a proctoring session
    • Schedule advising meeting
  4. Fill in additional details of the Planner item.
    • Only current course enrollments are visible in the course selection menu.
    • After selecting a course, you may also specify a Canvas assignment to link to the planner item.
  5. Select how long before the due date you'd like to receive a reminder for the task. If you mark the task as complete before the scheduled reminder, Boost will withhold the reminder.
  6. Tap Save to finish creating the planner item and return to the Planner screen.

Edit or delete a planner item

To edit or delete a planner item:

  1. Access the Boost Planner by tapping the Planner icon in the lower right corner of the Boost screen.
  2. Scroll to find the desired planner item, and tap it to make changes.

You can also add and edit planner items in Canvas as To-Do items.

Planner items in Canvas

The Boost Planner is integrated with the Canvas To-Do list. Tasks created in the Boost Planner will be visible in the Canvas To-Do List Sidebar and the Canvas List View Dashboard. Similarly, custom tasks created in the Canvas To-Do List will appear in the Boost Planner.

If a planner item is created, edited, or marked as complete within Canvas, the change in Canvas will not automatically update Boost's notification settings. Open the Boost app on your mobile device to immediately sync Canvas To-Do items and Boost Planner items. After being synced, uncompleted To-Do items created within Canvas will trigger reminder notifications two hours before the planner item's due date.

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