ARCHIVED: Oncourse Assignments: Overview

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Oncourse is retired. For details, see ARCHIVED: About the Oncourse retirement.

What it does

For courses, Assignments allows instructors to create, distribute, collect, and grade online assignments. Assignments are private; student submissions are not visible to other users of the site.

Key concepts

Multiple grading options: You can choose percent grades, points, non-calculating grades such as letter grades and pass/fail grades, or ungraded assignments.

Multiple submissions: Instructors can specify the number of submissions students can turn in for each assignment. Assignments can also be returned, with or without grades, for resubmission.

Offline grading: Instructors can download all submissions to an assignment to their computer as well as upload grades and grade comments. Grades and comments are not visible to students until the instructor has released them.

Retracting grades: Instructors can retract any grades released by mistake.

Honor pledge: This option requires students to check a box affirming that they have neither given nor received aid on an assignment before they can submit it.

Grader permissions: In addition to the normal Permissions link, which governs what certain roles can see or do, the Assignments tool has a Grader Permissions link that can be used to assign grading permissions for a particular role. Grader permissions are shared by both the Gradebook and Assignments tools.

Things to consider

  • The quota for a course, project, or portfolio site, or for My Workspace, is 4 GB. To check your site quota and usage, in the Resources tool, click Check Quota.

  • A graded assignment must be associated with a Gradebook item; there is no separate grading capability within Assignments. You can choose to associate a new assignment with an existing Gradebook item, or create the Gradebook item as you add the new assignment in Assignments.

    You can associate more than one assignment with the same Gradebook item, e.g., if you have separate assignments for different groups within your class. However, because details of the different assignments may vary, editing the assignment in Assignments will not change the details of the Gradebook item.

  • Instructors or site leaders can use the general Oncourse student view functionality to view assignments as they would appear to students or project participants, and to submit assignments as a student would. To learn more about using student view, see ARCHIVED: For instructors or site owners, viewing your site as a student or participant.

Help documentation

For help documentation about Assignments, see ARCHIVED: Assignments.

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