ARCHIVED: Oncourse Blogs tool: Overview

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Oncourse is retired. For details, see About the Oncourse retirement.

What it does

The Blogs tool allows individuals to write entries in online journals, which they can share with others. Members of the site can comment on each other's entries.

By default, blog entries are visible to all site participants, but you can restrict entries so that only people with certain roles (e.g., instructors and teaching assistants) can see them; you can also make them visible to the public.

Key concepts

Profile: Your blog profile is separate from the information in the ARCHIVED: Profile tool. If you have blogs in multiple sites, you will need to set your profile separately in each. See ARCHIVED: Setting your blog profile.

RSS feeds: You can click the RSS icon beside someone's name to get an RSS feed of that person's blog. Comments will not display in the RSS feed.

Things to consider

  • Blog entries written in one site will not appear in any other sites.
  • Depending on the settings in place, instructors, AIs/TAs, or site owners may be able to add, edit, or remove entries on other people's blogs.
  • By default, those in roles with restricted permissions (e.g., students or members) cannot edit or remove comments in the Blogs tool; those with broader permissions (e.g., instructors, site owners, or AIs/TAs) can. (For more about permissions and how to modify them, see ARCHIVED: Changing permissions for a tool.)

Help documentation

For help documentation about the Blogs tool, see ARCHIVED: Blogs.

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