About FootPrints at IU

FootPrints is a web-based service desk application from BMC used to record and track support and client service requests in departments across Indiana University. The UITS implementation of FootPrints includes workspaces, or queues, for over 100 separate units, services, and departments. Each workspace can be configured for specific workflows and processes. Workspaces may accept issues via email, web form, or direct entry. Agents and workspace administrators can open, edit, and close issues, send email, and process basic searches and reports on those issues.

Sensitive data (for example, Social Security numbers, passwords, credit card numbers, and HIPAA-protected information) is not appropriate for inclusion in FootPrints issues.

Each workspace must have a workspace owner who is ultimately responsible for management and oversight, content of issues, and agent access. Additionally, workspace workflow and configurations are set up by one or two workspace administrators. The workspace administrator is responsible for adding and removing agent access to and from the workspace. Online training and documentation is available for agents and workspace administrators.

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