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On July 7, 2009, the Office of the Vice President for Information Technology announced plans to implement a "Lifetime Communications" constituent relationship management (CRM) platform for managing data and communications across the entire university. That strategy and vision has evolved into something now known as "Lifetime Engagement", allowing IU to more effectively manage relationships with prospects, students, alumni, and other constituents. The result is an improved ability to coordinate and target communications, delivering relevant information to constituents via channels they prefer.

UITS and its partners currently provide Campus Management's Talisma CRM platform as a university-wide solution integrated with SIS (Student Information System) and other data sources.

During the multi-year license agreement, entities on all campuses will be able to use select Campus Management products without additional license, maintenance, or usage fees. IU's license agreement, an expansion of the original IUPUI contract with Campus Management, provides unlimited use similar to university agreements with Microsoft and Adobe.

The implementation plan will span multiple years, involving University Student Services and Systems (USSS), campus Admissions offices, Offices of the Registrar, other student services offices, the Office of the President, pilot sets of undergraduate and professional schools across all campuses, and many other units.

The agreement supports sound fiscal stewardship, leveraging funds already being used for diverse and disparate CRM services to provide a common CRM platform to the entire university, with possibilities for added functionality and greater data integration with other IU systems. The initiative significantly supports the IT Strategic Plan Empowering People:

  • Advancement of IU's IT infrastructure supported by sound fiscal planning (Recommendation 1)
  • Unlimited availability/philosophy of abundance (Action 5)
  • Partnerships and creative exchanges with hardware, software, and service vendors (Action 6)
  • Maintaining and refreshing of IT infrastructure by consolidating university-wide scale (multi-campus) services for software systems (Action 7)
  • Collaboration and communication systems (Action 11)
  • Student success (Recommendation 10)
  • Engagement beyond (Action 52)

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