Accessibility features supported on X (formerly Twitter)

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Be sure to refer to the general best practices that will help you create accessible social media content.

Additionally, X offers certain features that can make your tweets accessible to more people.

Supported features

  • Add alt text to your images and gifs.
  • Add captions to your videos on by uploading an .srt file. This option is not available when using the iOS or Android apps.
  • Captions are also supported on videos made using Media Studio (invitation-only) or another service that allows adding captions, such as Clipomatic, YouTube or Vimeo.
  • Automatic captions are available in Spaces. On iOS, speakers need to enable captions.

Features not supported

  • Descriptive link text is not supported. All links are shortened using the platform's link shortening service.

Best practices specific to X

  • Thread related tweets for a better user experience and to provide context for people using assistive technology.
  • Use a threaded tweet to share a meme description if there isn't enough space in the original tweet.
  • Upload videos on the website or create and edit your videos before you upload them so you can include captions.
  • Check the color contrast on your profile page. Many of the themes do not have enough contrast.

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