Accessibility features supported on YouTube

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Be sure to refer to the general best practices that will help you create accessible social media content.

Additionally, YouTube offers certain features that can make your videos accessible to more people.

Supported features

Features not supported

  • Multiple audio tracks for a single video are not supported. Upload versions in different languages or with audio descriptions separately.

Best practices

  • Edit your subtitles and closed captions to ensure accuracy.
  • Upload an audio described version of your video.
  • Include links in the description to versions in other languages or with audio descriptions.
  • The framing of the video is important. Whenever possible film with room in the frame for additional graphics and captions to fit without covering faces or significant content.
  • YouTube also supports adding hashtags to the description that can increase video relevance. Be sure to use camel case for hashtags, such as #TheBestHashtag.

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