Managed Active Directory groups at IU

Identity Management Systems (IMS) provides Active Directory groups that allow fine-grained access control. To determine the group name, replace the XX with the appropriate two-letter campus code (BL for Bloomington, IN for Indianapolis, etc).

  • IU-UITS-MANAGED-XX-ADMITTED : Admitted students
  • IU-UITS-MANAGED-XX-APPLICANT : Students who have applied but are not yet admitted
  • IU-UITS-MANAGED-XX-ENROLLED : Students who are considered to be enrolled. Roughly, this means they are taking classes this semester, are registered for classes in a future semester, and/or have taken classes in the last two semesters.
  • IU-UITS-MANAGED-XX-FACULTY : Faculty members, both paid and unpaid
  • IU-UITS-MANAGED-XX-FORMER : Students who have been considered enrolled within the last five years
  • IU-UITS-MANAGED-XX-NONAPPOINTED : Employees of the university who do not hold an appointed position
  • IU-UITS-MANAGED-XX-STAFF : Staff employees

The location of these groups is However, you should only work with the groups listed above as the other groups in the OU are subject to change or retirement without notice. If you have questions about the groups, contact your campus Support Center.

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