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Primary UITS contact: Aaron Neal

Completed: August 18, 2011

Description: This project pertains to the HRMS modules of the PeopleSoft implementation at Indiana University. The primary HRMS modules implemented at IU are HR Employment Records, Benefits Administration, Payroll, ePay, eBenefits, and Personal Data Self Service. This project will document the planned upgrades to these modules, focusing on new functionality and upgrades to these applications. In general, the HR modules are upgraded twice a year with updates and fixes from Oracle, along with tax updates four times a year to adhere to changes in tax regulations and rates. Additionally, new functionality is introduced periodically per the direction of the HRMS Executive Committee (see Governance).

Outcome: The HRMS system will be updated with application patches on a regular schedule to meet the needs of business units for regulatory maintenance and to keep the application functioning at an optimal level. Additionally, new functionality will be introduced at the direction of our project sponsors.

Milestones and status:

  • May 2010: Completed
    • New hire benefits self-service
    • New hires into benefit-eligible jobs able to enroll in benefit plans via Employee Self-Service
  • January 2011:
    • W-2 Self-Service
    • Employees able to view and print W-2 data for current and prior years via OneStart using IU Authentication credentials.
    • Upgrade to PeopleTools 8.5 - Improved administrative user interface
  • April 2011:
    • Upgrade of database to Oracle 11g to improve DB performance and maintain support
    • Migration from AIX to Linux for university cost savings and improved performance

Additionally, the HRMS application has to schedule regular releases to the production environment. Releases include patches, updates, and fixes (PUFs), reworked customizations that are impacted by patches, and new customizations from each group's project plan, and are driven by patch availability dates and business need. HRMS-related releases for the near future are as follows:

December 4, 2010 HRMS/tax
Patches and fixes, tax update 10-D and 10-E
December 16, 2010 HRMS Tax update 09-F
June 11, 2011 HRMS/tax
Patches and fixes, tax update 11-A and 11-B

Comment process: Send comments to the HRMS PeopleSoft Technical Team.

Risks: Changes to the application could introduce problems in application behavior. The release schedule for the implementation of patches and new functionality must include adequate time for testing by technical and functional users to mitigate this risk.

Primary client: Designated administrative staff, employees (self-service)

Client impact: Impact varies based on the nature of the release.

Project team: HRMS PS technical team, functional representatives (system mangers) from University HR, Academic HR, Payroll, University Benefits.

Governance: HRMS Executive Committee made up of directors and AVPs representing Payroll, University HR, Academic HR, Payroll and UITS.

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