ARCHIVED: Completed project: SIS PeopleSoft application releases

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Primary UITS contacts: Julie Parmenter

Completed: August 26, 2011

Description: This project will apply application updates to Oracle's PeopleSoft product for Campus Solutions Version 9.0. Oracle PeopleSoft delivers the SIS applications used by administrators, students, and faculty. Application updates include regulatory changes such as financial aid regulations, enhancements to functionality, and bug fixes. Major application patch releases are scheduled to occur four times per year. These releases are scheduled based on the needs of functional business units. When application updates are applied to the product, IU customizations are analyzed for impact and reworked as part of the patch implementation cycle. Updates to the PeopleSoft technical environment (PeopleTools) are scheduled on an as-needed basis.

Outcome: The SIS system will be updated with application patches on a regular schedule to meet the needs of business units for regulatory maintenance, and to keep the application functioning at an optimal level.

Milestones and status: The SIS and VAA teams schedule regular releases to the production environment. Releases include patches, updates, and fixes (PUFs), reworked customizations that are impacted by patches, and new customizations from each group's project plan, and are driven by patch availability dates and business need. Three major releases are planned for calendar year 2011.

Release dates for 2011:

February 26, 2011
CS Bundle 20, IU enhancements, FA Regs 2 (2011/2012) to PS1PRD Completed
July 23, 2011
CS Bundle 21, IU enhancements, FA Regs 3 (2011/2012) to PS1PRD Completed
August 4, 2011
This is a special mini-release for IU enhancements only, released on a Thursday morning. This is an opportunity to move changes into production that are needed for fall semester start-up. Completed
December 3, 2011
CS Bundles 22 and 23, IU enhancements, FA Reg 1 (2012/2013) to PS1PRD
Dates to be determined Oracle 11g upgrade

Comment process: Send comments to the SIS Technical Account.

Risks: Changes to the application could introduce problems in application behavior. The release schedule for the implementation of patches and new functionality must include adequate time for testing by technical and functional users to mitigate this risk.

Primary client: Students, faculty, and staff who use the SIS system

Client impact: Depending on the nature of the patches, clients could experience changes in both the user interface and program functionality.

Project team: The SIS and VAA teams perform the technical tasks to implement patches. Representatives from SIS functional areas are responsible for testing, validation, and sign-off of releases.

Governance: The Enterprise Student Systems Executive Committee (ESSEC) governs the activities associated with each release, as well as the establishment of release dates. The SIS development teams and system managers from each area (Academic Advising, Admissions, Financial Aid, Student Financials, Student Records, and Student Self-Service) manage the planning and implementation of each release.

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