ARCHIVED: Completed project: Course Approval and Remonstrance (CARMin)

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Primary UITS contact: Sandy Thompson

Completed: September 8, 2010

Description: The purpose of this project is to automate the process for new course adds and existing course updates into PeopleSoft, where the Course Catalog lives, as well as to address the need for these changes to the system to have a period of public review (remonstrance). This project will also serve as the mechanism for capturing course descriptions that will tie into the SIS advising and registration systems to enable better decision making as students search for classes of interest and classes that meet degree requirements.

Outcome: With the completion of this project, course approvals (whether new or existing) will go through Workflow for approvals, will allow a 30-day period of public review in the middle of the Workflow process, and will eventually update the PeopleSoft Course Catalog that is used in the Schedule of Classes System and Registration. The process is currently a manual process.

Milestones and status:

  • The first code version of this application was moved into production in January 2010. This allowed for additional testing and bug fixes to occur with a small population of users prior to wider pilot release. The pilot was released to a larger group of customers toward the end of March 2010. Customer testing/feedback has been occurring over the last few months. SIS technical staff have been fixing programming bugs deemed by the customers to be showstoppers as they arise. We believe that we have addressed identified issues up to this point.
  • The one remaining issue is how FW faculty/staff will access the application, as they do not have IU Network IDs. After discussion with customers, the current plan is for FW faculty/staff who use CARMin to complete affiliate forms and be entered into the HR system. The person data will then get passed to the Identity Management System from HR in the affiliate role, which will allow creation of an IU Network ID. In addition, thousands of faculty/staff at FW are not direct users of CARMin and will not have affiliate roles, so they will also need access to the Remonstrance page.
  • The ability for FW faculty and staff to access the Remonstrance page has been resolved. The ability for FW faculty and staff to initiate new course requests will be handled by Student Enrollment Services, due to the low volume. In the future, this may be accomplished with the current Affiliate request process, or an automated feed to the ADS that puts FW faculty and staff in a role that allows creation of a Network ID. This application was released system-wide September 8, 2010.

Comment process: Send comments to the SIS Student Records Team or Sandy Thompson.

Benefits: This project will:

  • Automate the approval process for getting new course and existing course changes into the source system (PeopleSoft)
  • Automate the remonstrance process

Risks: This application is tightly coupled with Workflow and PeopleSoft

Primary client: Student Enrollment Services (SES), who are working with colleges/departments and Registrars

Client impact: Reduction of manual processing and providing a standard mechanism for getting course changes into the source system

Project team: The development team is made up of developers from the SIS technical team and the system-wide Student Enrollment Services office (SES)

Governance: The SIS Enterprise Student Systems Executive Committee (ESSEC) is the governing body to determine priority of requests. Functional representation to this point has been directed by Student Enrollment Services. The SIS systems development manager is responsible for technical implementation.

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