About PGP Whole Disk Encryption (WDE)

PGP Whole Disk Encryption (WDE) is a component of the Symantec Endpoint Encryption (PGP) application. In addition to providing whole disk encryption, the installation available at Indiana University includes PGP Zip, PGP Virtual Disk, PGP Shredder, and management of PGP/GPG keys.

WDE encrypts the entire hard disk of your computer, requiring a password before the operating system can boot. This layer of security prevents a third party from being able to read the contents of the disk when using methods to bypass booting the disk (for example, booting from a Linux Live CD or Windows PE CD).

If you work with sensitive data, UITS strongly recommends that you use a whole disk encryption product, such as PGP WDE. If your computer containing sensitive data is ever lost or stolen, this prevents the data from being accessed by an unauthorized third party. In some cases, an encrypted drive also alleviates the need for a breach notification to the public.

Once Symantec Endpoint Encryption is installed, you will need to provide your ADS credentials to get a valid license from IU's PGP server (pgp.iu.edu).

The computer does not need to be joined to the ADS domain, and the passphrase you use for encryption does not have to be your ADS passphrase. Providing your credentials simply allows you to get a valid license from the server, and to create a valid PGP key pair.

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