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Teaching for Student Success: An Evidence-Based Approach is a course that provides a framework for teaching and learning grounded in empirical research. Whether you're a new instructor or have been teaching for years, or whether you teach face-to-face, hybrid, or online classes, the course's module series will help you articulate your own teaching philosophy and better serve your students, regardless of discipline.

The course's modules will help you document your own excellence in teaching within the context of evidence-based principles. You can also complete artifacts supporting your professional goals that can be included as part of a teaching portfolio, an application for tenure, or a performance review. For more about the modules and learning outcomes, visit go.iu.edu/tss.

Teaching for Student Success was developed as part of a recommendation for university-wide guidance and expectations for documenting excellence in teaching. To learn more, see Identifying Pathways for Excellence in Teaching.


You may self-enroll in the Teaching for Student Success course through Expand at go.iu.edu/tss.

Join a cohort

To join a facilitated cohort, submit the cohort survey to notify the active cohort leader of your interest. The survey is available in the Introduction module after you self-enroll at go.iu.edu/tss.


Get feedback on your work

If you would like feedback on the artifacts that you create through your participation in this course, contact your campus teaching and learning center.

Give feedback about the series

Each module includes a survey on the wrap-up page, which you can use to send feedback about the modules. The designers welcome all feedback to help guide revisions of the site.

Content reuse

Reuse this content as part of training at IU

If you are in a role that guides faculty professional development and you would like to require faculty in your department to complete the modules, direct faculty to self-enroll through Expand at go.iu.edu/tss. No further action is required.

If you wish to use or reproduce any materials in this course for other purposes at Indiana University (for example, as part of a facilitated workshop), contact FACET for permission.

Reuse this content as part of training outside of IU

The materials in this course are copyrighted, and their use is limited to authorized members of the IU community. The reproduction of course materials, in whole or in part, is prohibited without the express permission of Indiana University. For permission and licensing requests, contact FACET.

Technical support

For help, contact your campus Support Center.

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