ARCHIVED: Completed project: Enterprise Information Governance and Management

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Primary UITS contact: Julie Kamarauskas

Completed: January 15, 2015

Description: This builds a workflow application to route data access requests to various systems and applications for approval via a collection of data entity values and workflow rules necessary for routing.

This will be built in a workflow application, deployed in OneStart, and will utilize eDocs to maintain the data. The product captures data that identifies Data Stewards, Data Managers, systems, applications, subjects, and campuses, defines the relationships between them, and structures the routing of data access approvals.

It will be a stand-alone request method for some systems, and will interface with other existing request systems.

Milestones and status:

  • Single source of data and maintenance system for Data Steward to system assignment and Data Manager to subject assignment Released in production October 2011
  • Affirm data model and approve ERD Completed September 2010
  • Identify and enter entity data Completed December 2010
  • Confirm data: complete. Project team review completed January 2011. Final data confirmation for each data system will be performed with representatives from each system February/March 2011. Data confirmation of applications and subjects within systems completed March 2011
  • Confirmation of Data Manager to subject assignments (by the system owner Data Stewards) is complete. Two system confirmations are still pending as of August 16, 2011. Completed September 2011
  • Develop workflow rules for system-specific access request eDoc/routing. Rules development will be done with technical/functional contacts for each data system.
    • CRM pilot eDoc/routing Completed January 2011
    • Rules and specifications underway for COMPASS access requests, to be completed August 31, 2011. Due to decision delays from the functional staff, and additional functional delays, this is delayed until November 2011. Rules/specs submitted to developer January 2012. This COMPASS access request eDoc will be developed with KRAD, and released in production sometime after the Kuali Rice upgrade in August 2012. Canceled; alternative request system in place
  • Interface planning
    1. CRM eDoc: Planned completion and rollout February 2011. Final review with functional users revealed minor programmatic changes that require changes to the eDoc routing. Coding in progress, to be completed and eDoc released to users September 2011. Delayed; testing will be October 3-7, 2011. Phase 1 testing complete and fixes/modifications submitted to developer. Timeline for final functional testing: March 20, 2012 - April 3, 2012. Target date for production release is April 5, 2012.
      CRM eDoc released in production April 5, 2012.
    2. BI Initiative: mapping shared dimensions to Areas of Responsibility. Analysis and planning begins January 31, 2011.
    3. Replace IUIE approval routing. Timeline dependent upon EDSS technical resource availability; EDSS confirms interface will be ready prior to Rice upgrade in August 2012. Completed November 2013
    4. Replace SIS approval routing portion of the ARMS. Meeting with USSS staff scheduled for early November. Completed January 2014
  • Conversion of existing request systems
    • Functional rollout of the CRM access request eDoc to replace current system of email requests, April 2012. Completed
    • COMPASS access request eDoc - to be released in production, late August 2012. Canceled
  • Training tools for EIG
    • Tutorials created and posted for Add/Update/Copy a DM
    • Job Aids created and posted for Data Manager and Data Steward record management

This development is now complete and the application is live. Data is maintained by the Application Security and Quality Assurance team, and technical is support provided by Enterprise Systems Integration team.


  • Provides consistent infrastructure
  • Captures timely changes to routing authority
  • Captures audit trail
  • Provides search ability
  • Offers workgroup approval

Primary clients: Data Stewards, Data Managers, application access requesters

Project planning team:

  • Phyllis Davidson
  • Becky Gribble
  • Julie Kamarauskas
  • Brian McGough
  • Greg Patterson
  • Eric Westfall
  • Scott Wilson

Project working team:

  • Greg Patterson
  • Julie Kamarauskas
  • Heather Gwinn

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