Completed project: SDA IUPUI library replacement

Primary UITS contact: Kurt Seiffert (

Completed: September 20, 2011

Description: The project will replace the aging STK 9310 tape library on the Scholarly Data Archive (SDA). The new library will support five thousand tape slots, expandable to 12 thousand. New 4 TB tape drives will be installed in the new tape library and the IUB tape library.

Outcome: When completed, SDA will have a total of 14 PB of tape on hand, and a maximum capacity of more than 40 PB. Each tape drive will be capable of streaming data at 250 MB/sec, giving an aggregate transfer capability of 6 GB/sec.

Milestones and status: Library assembled and preparing for functional testing.

  • Research tape and library vendors and technologies Completed October 2010
  • RFP for new tape library, tape drives, tapes, and disk cache Completed December 2010
  • Select vendor for RFP Completed June 2011
  • Install/test new tape library and components Completed July 2011
  • Reconfigure HPSS to use the new library for new file ingest Completed September 2011
  • Migrate data from older lower density tapes Completed September 2011

Comment process: Email Research Storage.

Benefits: The current IUPUI library limits the SDA to 6.6 PB of data storage. A new tape library will have a capacity of 7.5 PB by itself, more than doubling the SDA capacity as a whole. Additionally, the new library will support growth to at least 60 PB over the next seven years.

Client impact: IU researchers will continue to have ample archival storage for research data. For many IU researchers receiving federal grants, the SDA is a critical component of their mandated data management plans.

Project team:

  • Kurt Seiffert
  • Jeff Russ
  • Chris Garrison

Governance: Craig Stewart, AVP, Research Technologies

Risks: Failure to replace the tape library in the 2011 calendar year will force changes in IU data management policy due to storage limitations. Also:

  • Second copies of files would no longer be geographically distributed, forcing several organizational units to change their disaster recovery plans.
  • Storage quotas would fail to keep pace with growing data demands.
  • It might be necessary to establish data lifetime policies in the archive.
  • University organizational units would have to seek other funding to support their data management plans.

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